What is Salesforce®?

//What is Salesforce®?

What is Salesforce®?

What does Salesforce® mean for your people and for your business?

Salesforce® is a cloud-based CRM that can turbo-charge your business relationships and completely transform the working lives of your team. Founded by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff in 1999, with a vision to reinvent the Cloud CRM model, Salesforce® is now heralded as the world’s most innovative company, and defines the new era of cloud computing, by making its enterprise software as easy to use as a website, and available to all.

What Salesforce® means to your people?

Salesforce® is a powerful CRM solution that will change the working lives of your team, generating a strong positive impact in your business and your organization as a whole. Here’s what Salesforce® can bring to your people:

For your sales reps: manage a single source of trusted organized customer information so you spend less time handling data and more time with customers building long-lasting business relationships and closing up more deals.

For your sales managers: real-time visibility of your team’s activities so you can forecast sales with confidence and report with ease.

For your marketing department: maximize the power of social media and connect with customers in whatever way they choose. An integrated experience that extends your company’s voice, reaches new audiences, and builds and expands your customer base.

For your customer service team: use data from your analytics to better understand your customers, help customers faster with immediate, detailed information in front of every rep., keep records of every interaction—from chat to social media and email, watch case history and trends for each customer to reduce redundant questions, keep up with other high-performing teams and offer customer service through apps. The list is endless!

What Salesforce® means to your business?

From training new employees to working alongside your highest-paying customers, you need technology that can keep up with your business, empower your employees and customers, and make sure your customer service team works like a well-oiled machine.

Implementing Salesfoce® CRM will result in:

  • Improved efficiency and increased productivity: Salesforce makes it easier for your business to sell more and grow faster.
  • Better customer management for great customer experiences: each customer expects to be treated like an individual, and the only way to ensure that happens is by keeping detailed records of every interaction with each client in one centralized location. Salesforce is a powerful customer service tool that will generate amazing results for your organization by arming your agents with the right technology in order to empower them to make customers happy.
  • More business visibility:  with data at your fingertips, you can share information between users and departments seamlessly.
  • Better business forecasting: a single source of data and reliable built-in reporting tools make business forecasting easier and better than ever.
  • Business mobility: work from anywhere, anytime even with no internet connection. And the added accessibility of working directly from your smartphone with the same powerful software.
  • More business efficiency:  Salesforce allows you to customize your platform to suit your business needs in order to work more efficiently.

We would love to connect with you to explain in more detail the benefits of implementing a strong Salesforce® solution for your organization.

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