Why Salesforce®?

//Why Salesforce®?

Why Salesforce®?

The 7 Reasons to choose Salesforce® as your next CRM solution

Here are 7 reasons why we use, recommend and chose to become experts at consulting, implementing and supporting Salesforce for our clients.

1. It’s a the world’s most trusted CRM solution and the #1 best-selling CRM (Gartner). It’s a complete and robust solution that will help you find, win and keep more (happy) clients. With Salesfore as your CRM, your team will easily maximize your organizations’ sales, marketing and customer service efforts, creating and managing lasting customer experiences. Salesforce CRM will give your team .

2. It’s in the cloud. One trusted source of data, anywhere, anytime.
Salesforce pioneered the Cloud-based system that lets customers begin storing information immediately after implementation. No servers to hook up. No software to install. No irreplaceable data files to lose. Salesforce offers a complete set of CRM cloud applications, a cloud platform, and a cloud infrastructure – more cost effective for a higher return on investment. 

3. It’s future-proof! A flexible, customizable and scalable platform that grows along with your business.
Salesforce gives you complete freedom to customize the CRM for your business. It’s the best way to boost adoption and make sure your CRM apps are working for your business the way you want them to. Apart from having full flexibility to customize tools and functionality, as a user, you are not tied in to certain set page layouts, workflows and processes. All this makes Salesforce’s ecosystem more flexible than any other similar systems on the market.

4. It’s expandable! Get even more from the AppExchange!
Out of the box, Salesforce does 90% of what you need. But if you still want more, Salesforce also has an app store: the AppExchange. The AppExchange is the cloud-computing app marketplace for businesses, developed and hosted by Salesforce and lists 2,700+ business apps that easily integrate with Salesforce. You can incorporate just about any functionality imaginable into your CRM . The AppExchange features all kinds of secured and verified apps capable of supporting your processes (recruitment, sales, marketing, finance, etc.). Most of these apps have been developed by experts in the relevant fields.

5. It’s more than a CRM… It’s a full cloud-based platform!
The Salesforce Platform is a complete IT infrastructure for your business hosted on their servers. It delivers the robust, scalable, trusted, and flexible infrastructure to empower IT to stop worrying about hardware and maintenance, and start driving real business results, faster.

6. It’s user friendly! Salesforce is intuitive, personalised, and built to grow with your business. The company tests the usability of its products on a weekly basis and their research team is continually making CRM tools more accessible and intuitive for customers. 

7. It’s fast to implement and quick to adopt. Salesforce allows you to get your employees up and running without extensive training or long-term adjustment. Salesforce built its CRM platform to accommodate the steep learning curves of fast-paced companies.

Have we convinced you? Would you like to know more about how to make Salesforce work for you? Book a complimentary consultation with us. 

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