How can Salesforce® help you?

//How can Salesforce® help you?

How can Salesforce® help you?

The top business problems Salesforce® can solve

Be it a startup, a small sized venture or a well established enterprise, organizations face a multiple array of business problems that prevent their growth, inhibits their potential, and in some cases, lead them to failure. A strong CRM such as Salesforce can help solve most of these so real and very common business problems.

#1: The Database – Unorganized Businesses don’t make a profit!

The first and foremost way a CRM will help your business is by keeping all your data organized on a single robust platform. A CRM will also automatically store, update and retrieve all your contacts whenever you need them.

#2: Client Communication – What could be more important?

One thing that is absolutely vital in this age of fierce competition is cultivating relationships, and it has to be achieved through effective client communication. In fact, retaining an existing client is 6-7 times less expensive than securing a new one. With Salesforce®, you can call, message or email a client easily and efficiently, and all client communications get stored in a single repository and can be accessed by all departments at all times.

#3: The TO-DO list. Who doesn’t struggle with it?

No more missing important tasks! The inbox of your e-mail is not an efficient place for you to keep track of your tasks. Salesforce® will show you a list as well as a detailed view of all the tasks that you need to undertake and will even keep on reminding you to meet your deadlines.

#4: Data Management. Save the business, save the data!

Salesforce® will back your data constantly and most often on the cloud, so that you may access it anytime. Previously your business took a great hit if your hard drives or desktop based software got corrupted. All your data vanished and with that to some extent your business too. Not anymore!

#5: Marketing. A happier than ever marketing team!

Salesforce® allows your to personalize every customer experience by providing a consistent message across all marketing touch points. From email marketing campaigns to other lead generation initiatives, it’s all done from a single platform, with full visibility and interconnectivity across the different departments in the organization.

#6: Sales on the go. Your business can’t escape Mobile!

With Salesforce® cloud CRM, salespeople can deal with the clients using their mobiles and tablets. If they’re going to a meeting, they have all the updated information on their devices and can see in real time what actions they need to take to close potential opportunities.

#7: Forecasting Sales. Salesforce shows you a glimpse of the future!

Using the data gathered from all the marketing touch points, Salesforce consolidates it and shows you the sales trends for the previous months and can also predict what your company’s future holds with regards to sales.

#8: Reporting. Showing results, with a simple click!

Using Salesforce®, you get real time reports from your data. Now, you would have easy access to answers to questions like: What did your Sales Reps do last week? What are the top sales opportunities for the month? Are we going to hit our sales target this quarter? Yes, you can show it all in the integrated and custom-built reports in the CRM.

#9: Workflows. Demystified and made simple.

It’s never been easy to set up workflows based on your business rules! You can describe to Salesforce® the steps you usually take to carry out a certain task. Then it becomes an intelligent manager and asks you to take those steps whenever a similar situation arises. This feature makes sure that nothing is missed and that all necessary approvals are in place, based on specific business processes and rules.

#10: Remote Collaboration. Working from home.

Cloud-based CRMs such as Salesforce have made everybody’s lives easier. Access all your customer and other necessary data from the comfort of your home office, or while waiting for your next flight at the airport. Working remotely has never been easier!

#11: Social Networking. Social CRMs is the next big thing!

The customers of every business are today present on the social media. Where companies have lost the power to start conversations about their brands, they can now participate in the ongoing conversations surrounding their brand. Salesforce® allows businesses to analyze what the consumers are demanding and how the company can ensure a good brand presence.

#12: Lead nurturing. Dead leads can come to life!

An intelligent CRM such as Salesforce can spot upcoming leads that have the potential to become a customer. Whether your leads come from email marketing, business cards or website, Salesforce® lets you nurture them with targeted content and provides you with the exact steps which you need to take in order to nurture the leads. For example, Salesforce® will let you know when it’s time to send a quote or call the lead or simply send a personalized e-mail offering a discount on your product/ services.

#13: Exceptional Customer Service. Helps in up-selling!

Customers today want to be responded within a maximum of 2 hours after logging a complaint. To respond to all requests manually becomes next to impossible. Salesforce®, on the other hand, is a great tool for customer service. It lets the customer service departments manage all the complaints within the CRM and triggers emails and/or other alerts whenever there is an update on a customer’s complaint or service request. This reduces the response time, and as a result, your business is able to achieve high client retention.

#14: Quality of the Data. Big data is useless; smart data is the key!

Salesforce single database allows you to extract and analyze data like never before.

Analyzing your sales pipeline will allow you to turn leads, opportunities or contacts into profitable Sales.

Analyzing your business sources will provide you with insights into the channel which gets you the most business and

Analyzing your business results will help you identify which market segments you should pursue more and will help you decide on future investment opportunities.

#15: Collaboration. A united team in a unified platform.

The alignment between different departments at your business is essential for the overall augmented performance of your organization. Salesforce® lets everyone perform and record their tasks on a single platform, be it sales, marketing or support. And this helps combine their efforts to give clients a great experience.

#16: Time saver! Time is money. Why not save it?

Gone are the days of repetitive data entries or double work. Since every task within Salesforce® is automated to some extent it lets you save a lot of time by performing tasks on its own. You and your workforce can now spend your time on much more productive tasks.

#17: Audit Trail. Tracking for success.

If the activity isn’t in Salesforce it never happened. Every company needs to treat their CRM as the only repository for tasks carried out by your team. If anyone has taken a step, it is revealed in the CRM and helps the higher management know what is being done. On the employees part, it gets helpful because they don’t have to constantly report every activity and on the management’s part it gets visible what is being done, when and how.

#18: Peace of mind. You worry less, since nothing is forgotten; nothing gets left out!

At the very least, a CRM such as Salesforce® that is tailored to your exact needs and processes can let you worry less about your business and focus more on your business.

Is your organization facing some of these business problems? Let’s talk! We have easy and affordable ways to help you.

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