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Salesforce Managed Services

Are you currently using all the features and products available on your Salesforce edition? Do you lack the technical knowledge to customize and optimize your Salesforce? Is hiring a Salesforce administrator beyond your budget?

If so, WAY2GO can help! Our Salesforce Managed Services range from management and strategy consulting, to completing Salesforce administrator level tasks, to health checks, to maintenance, and even custom application development.

Salesforce® is constantly evolving, they have 3 new releases per year, and there is always something new to be added, installed, adjusted or tweaked. So keeping your CRM up to date can, sometimes, be a challenge!   Here is where our WAY2GO Managed Services come in with the intent to ensure your Salesforce instance is working to its fullest extent and to get the most out of your investment across the Salesforce platform.

We will maintain you informed and up to date about what’s coming up in the new Salesforce releases and help you to identify areas where you could take advantage of some new functionality that you may not be aware of.

Do you need help with your Salesforce administration? We offer a flexible managed services package, allocating a certain number of hours each month based on your needs.

Our Salesforce managed services include, but are not limited to:

Setup and Customization: Apps, Tabs, Objects, Custom Fields, Formulas, Validations, User Interface, Page Layouts, Buttons & Links and List Views.

Security and Access: Permission Sets, Profiles, Password Policies, Audit and Data Access.

Sharing Model: Organization-wide defaults, Roles and the Role Hierarchy, Sharing and Manual sharing and Public Groups.

Data Management: Validation Rules, Data Quality, Mass Updating, Mass Transferring, Backup, Export, Import using Data Import Wizard or Data Loader.

Profile Controls: IP access, login hours, record types, tab access, object permissions and field-level security.

Automation: Workflows, Process Builder, Assignment Rules, Email Notifications, Approval Process, and Visual Flow.

Activity Management: Tasks, Events, Public Calendars and Resources Calendars.

Email: Mass-Email, Auto-Response, Inbox, Lightning for Outlook and Lightning for Gmail.

Analytics: Reports, Report Types, Dashboards, Report and Dashboard Folders and Einstein.

Organization and User Setup: Company information, Fiscal year, Locale, Language, Time zone and Currency Locale.

Other: Mobile, Salesforce1, AppExchange applications, Sales Process Setup, Quotes, Forecasting, Products and Price Books, Web-to-Case, Web-to-Lead, Queues, Account Teams, Sales Teams, Opportunity Teams, Case Management Setup, Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case, Content, Communities, Chatter and Solutions.